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Take a look at our extended range of services: Car detailing, Truck detailing, Car wash, Ceramic coating, and much more. Let us know what you need, whether it’s interior detailing, exterior polishing, paint protection, upholstery cleaning, or headlight restoration. We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive automotive care solutions.

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Auto Detailing | Interior and Exterior

We offer full car and auto detailing services as well as interior and exterior detailing separately. You can go all in one or choose whatever you want. It’s up to you. Driving a lush car that cuts through the air like a bullet and offers a smooth experience like sailing on the water is what people love in Layton. You can have that with our auto detailing services.

Hellcat detailing service

Super Deep Cleaning

We take normal car wash to one step further with our super deep cleaning services. This is to make your car’s rim shine like a diamond, remove the smell and odors, Clean up all the stains and bogs, And much more. Don’t let it get dirty, schedule an appointment Now.

Deep clean car services in Layton

Ceramic Coating

Do you love the glossy, pristine, neat, and clean look? If the answer is “Yes,” then ceramic coating is all about that. It adds the aesthetic appeal that makes your vehicle look gorgeous while also providing protection from dirt, debris, bird droppings, tree sap, and insect residue. We use high-quality coatings that are also capable of blocking UV rays. Now with upto 5H to 9H hardness.

Ceramic coating layton utah

Paint Correction and Protection

That’s the situation where no one wants to be. But if you’re dealing with that, No worries. We present you our experts pain correction and protection services that are going to release your stress. Our expert technicians utilize advanced techniques and premium products to correct paint defects and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Whether it’s minor scratches, oxidation, or dullness, we have the expertise to address it all.

Paint Correction

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